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Online Beginners Yoga

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Online Beginners Yoga

The Basics Of Yoga

As a beginner you’ll want to start yoga gently, so you can focus on learning the basics

But a beginners’ class is so much more than just doing easy yoga

Building A Firm Foundation

How to Do Yoga

This is the time when you start building those positive habits that will help you achieve your objectives and improve your quality of life

Whether you want to

  • increase your strength and fitness
  • improve your mobility and posture
  • deal with your aches and pains
  • or handle stress and anxiety more effectively

the key to success not what you do, but how you do it. Learn to do yoga right – for you – right now

Free Online Assessment

To discuss what you want to get from the classes contact Manuel for a free-of-charge live online chat 

online beginners yoga

Online Beginners Yoga

  • 2023 dates To Be Confirmed
  • Platform: Zoom


  • Assessment – FREE
  • Single drop-in – £12 (GBP)
  • x4 classes = £32 (GBP)

Group Size

Groups of 6 max to support your safe and effective practice 

Yoga For Beginners

Practice Right for You

Functional Yoga

The classes follow a functional approach to yoga. This is a gentle form which avoids practising “correctly” in favour of practising correctly for you

As a beginner, it’s especially important that you don’t force your body into strict positions, impose correct breathing or struggle to rein in your wandering thoughts

Instead you’ll use yoga to tune in to your mind and body to

  • release tension to move without strain
  • regulate your breath to soothe your emotions
  • calm your thoughts to enjoy inner peace

The Basics Of Yoga

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Gravity : the key to standing tall

All actions elicits an equal and opposite reaction. Yielding to the pull gravity increases floor contact, perceived as pressure

We will explore how to use this sensation of pressure stimulate your anti-gravity muscles to

  • lengthen your spine
  • engage your core and
  • strengthen your limbs

letting you stand, sit and lie

  • tall
  • strong
  • and relaxed
Breathing: more than just air

Essential for supplying your cells with oxygen, breathing serves other crucial functions

Breathing & Emotion

Breathing is linked directly to emotion. How you breathe colours how you feel. And how your feel determines how you breathe

Stress-driven overbreathing creates muscle tension, tingling in the extremities, brain fog, anxiety and more

You’ll learn ways to slow down and regulate your breathing to relax your body, soothe your emotions and steady your thoughts

Breathing & Circulation

The heart efficiently drives nutrient-rich  blood to your tissues. But when it comes to fluid return it needs backup

The main muscle of breathing, the diaphragm, is a principle pump for drainage, preventing fluid accumulation and swelling and maintaining tissue nutrition

Through appropriate use of your diaphragm and core muscles you’ll be able to optimize your circulation and keep all your tissues and  nourished and tip-top

Movement: less effort, more gain

Movement is expressed in the body, but lives in the brain in the form or encoded motor programmes

Effective movement achieves your objectives efficiently, with minimal effort and minimal strain

Want to improve how you move? Learn new motor programmes that are more effective. Every time you move with awareness you replace old habits with new

Through mindful movement you’ll learn to use your body optimally to minimize wear and tear and free yourself from tension and pain

Relax: let your body lead

Yoga puts you in touch the natural dynamic processes within you which we understand as health

Health, not as a lack of disease, but a positive, living intelligence ever seeking balance, wholeness and wellbeing

Let go. Release the break. And let your body find its way naturally to healthy balance

the benefits of yoga for back and neck pain

Online Beginners Yoga

Booking Instructions
  • Single Class

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  • Blocks Of 4

Contact me to check availability. You’ll be allocated a place on 4 consecutive weeks from your chosen start date, subject to availability

You can change all dates up to 24 hours before your class: contact me via the contact form or email me on

Block bookings are valid for 6 weeks from the date of your first class



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By default, when buying a block of classes you’ll be allocated a place on the same day and time for 4 consecutive weeks from your initial class, subject to availability. You can change all dates up to 24 hours before any of your booked classes

Bookings are valid for 6 weeks from the date of your first class 


Online classes are run on Zoom. Just download the free app, sign up and you’re ready to go

On booking you’ll get a link and password to your class. You can access the class up to 15 minutes before we start

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