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Online Yoga For Spinal Health

mindful exercise for a healthy spine

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Online Yoga For A Healthy Spine

Together with a sedentary lifestyle stress is one of the top predictors for back pain and injury and a leading cause of ill health world wide

Using gentle exercise, movement, breath and mindful attention, yoga is a proven way to condition your body, reduce stress, resolve pain and enjoy optimal health

The Vital Spine

The core structural and energetic pillar around which all structures develop and all processes are organized, a healthy spine is a condition for optimal physical and mental health

How Will I Benefit?

As gatekeeper to the nerves connecting the central nervous system and vital organs a healthy spine is essential for your whole wellbeing

The classes are also apt to help you manage

  • mechanical back and neck pain
  • stiffness and pain from wear-and-tear
  • migraine and tension-type headache
  • stress and anxiety
  • and lots more …

Live Online Assessment

Free Of charge & Obligation-Free

To check the programme’s suitability and to tailor the classes to you please contact Manuel for a live online assessment

Assessment takes around 30 minutes and is 100% confidential, obligation-free and free of charge

online yoga for spinal health

Online Yoga For Spinal Health

  • Thursdays 10:00 – 11:15 BST*
  • Fridays 18:30 – 19:45 BST*
  • Saturdays 10:30 – 11:45 BST*
  • Platform: Zoom

*BST = British Summer Time


  • Assessment – FREE
  • Single drop-in – £12 (GBP)
  • x4 classes = £32 (GBP)


  • all levels from beginners up

Group Size

Groups are kept to 6 so you get all the support you need to make your practice safe, beneficial and fun


Practice Right For You

The classes follow a functional approach to hatha yoga. This is a gentle form which avoids practising “correctly” in favour of practising correctly for you

You won’t put your body into strict positions, force correct breathing or struggle to rein in your wandering thoughts

Instead you’ll explore ways to to engage with your body and breath to release tension, awaken dormant muscles, release joint compression and re-establish synergies to let you move effectively, with purpose, lightness and grace

Frequently Asked

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What can yoga help me with?

Evidence shows that yoga is a very safe and effective therapy for pain anywhere in your back, neck and pelvis

On the basis that prevention is nine tenths of the cure the best time to practice is while you are pain free

But there are times when it’s appropriate to practice while experiencing pain

For example, the most common type, the non-specific chronic low back pain (NSCLBP) is by nature chronic, meaning the pain persists even after any original injury has resolved

Yoga can relieve stiffness and pain associated with with wear-and-tear (osteo) arthritis

Yoga is also indicated for sacroiliac, upper back, scapular and neck pain as well as tension-type headache

By calming stress and improving upper back and neck function yoga also helps you manage migraine headaches, reducing the frequency and intensity of episodes

Is yoga Risky With A Bad Back?

Yoga can be practiced in by virtually everyone at most times. Everything depends on what you do, and how 

However, there are times when any kind of exercise should be done with caution, or not at all:

  • Yoga tends to aggravate rather than relieve severe, acute pain or an acute muscle spasm
  • Yoga may be helpful with some modification for a nerve entrapment such as sciatica, but is best done one-to-one
  • Yoga is contraindicated during an active flare up of inflammatory arthritis like rheumatoid, but can be very helpful between episodes

Check with Manuel that it is safe for you practice yoga before joining a class


How Will Manuel Assess Me?

with so many possible causes of back pain, how can you know when it’s safe and beneficial to practice yoga?

Fortunately as a registered osteopath Manuel is qualified to assess and advise you

The assessment follows a protocol of

  • current and past history
  • ranges of motion of all major body segments
  • functional tests for primary movement patterning

All movements are done within your ability and in the pain-free range

Rarely it may be helpful to remove some item of clothing to more closely inspect an area. You consent is required, and you will have every opportunity to refuse

Assessment is done live online and is free of charge

the benefits of yoga for back and neck pain

Online Yoga For Healthy Spine

Booking Instructions
  • Single Class

Simply select a date  / single class and proceed to checkout

  • Blocks Of 4

Select a date for your first class.

You’ll be allocated a place on 4 consecutive weeks from your chosen start date, subject to availability

You can change all dates up to 24 hours before your class: contact Manuel via the contact form or email him on

Block bookings are valid for 6 weeks from the date of your first class


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Payments are handled by PayPal

To pay with a Dr or Cr card choose the grey Check Out button in the PayPal shopping cart and enter your details

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When buying a block of classes you’ll be allocated a place on 4 consecutive weeks from your chosen start date, subject to availability. You can change all dates up to 24 hours before your class

Bookings are valid for 6 weeks from the date of your first class


Online classes are run on Zoom. You’ll need to download the free app

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