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Cranial Osteopathy

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cranial osteopathy

benefits adults

benefits children

Structural & Cranial Osteopathy

Popularly associated with musculoskeletal pain relief, osteopathy is a total healthcare system emphasizing the vital role of your structure in your physical and mental wellbeing

Osteopathy Meaning

Named osteo (bone) – (pathy) sympathy by founder father Dr A T Still, the term expresses the synergistic link between your structure, your vital organs and your mental processes

What Is Cranial Osteopathy?

Cranial osteopathy is an exquisitely gentle method for engaging your body’s self-correcting forces and bring about optimal health

Originally intended for the skull , modern day cranial osteopaths use the method to treat the whole body, releasing strain and allowing your system to settle naturally into balance

Cranial osteopathy can be practiced biomechanically and biodynamically. With characteristics of both energy healing and body-work cranial osteopathy may be practiced hands-on at also at distance

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What Does An Osteopath Do?

As the point of origin of the nerves linking your central nervous system to vital organs, the spine has a central role in osteopathic medicine

Beyond dealing with back and neck pain, a healthy spine is essential for orchestrating healthy function in all your organ systems.

That said, osteopaths treat the whole body, emphasizing the connection of each part to every other

Osteopathic Treatment

Though best known for the high-velocity manipulation, osteopathic treatment methods have a wide spectrum, and include

  • massage
  • low velocity joint mobilizations
  • fascial release techniques
  • visceral manipulation
  • the cranial approach, and many more

Osteopaths also consider the contribution of psychosocial factors, such as lifestyle, diet, job satisfaction and stress on your health and may offer you support, either through self-help or by pointing you towards another professional

How Can Osteopathy Help Me?

Manuel is a cranial oriented osteopath treating a wide range of ailments from back pain and sports’ injuries to supporting optimal function in vital organs to help you with circulatory, blood pressure, breathing, digestive and stress and a host of other issues

He favours the cranial approach for its depth, gentleness and effectiveness

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cranial osteopathy

Benefits: Adults

Research shows structural & cranial osteopathy can help you with

  • osteo-arthritis alongside standard treatment
  • back & neck pain
  • headache & migraine
  • frozen shoulder following injury
  • sports’ injuries
  • fibromyalgia
  • digestive issues
  • pregnancy care
  • & a whole lot more ..
cranial osteopathy for babies

Benefits: Cranial Osteopathy For Children & Babies

Cranial osteopathy is a great way to check for and disperse retained birth trauma, helping to relax the whole family

The cranial approach can also give your baby relief from

  • frequent crying and difficulty settling
  • problems with latching and suckling
  • constipation & tummy pain
  • sticky eyes, blocked nose, glue ear
  • irregular shaped head … and more

Older children can get relief from a range of painful syndromes associated with growth as well common injuries and many of the issues affecting adults 

Working With the Tide:

Cranial Osteopathy

The basis of cranial osteopathy is the “tide” – a subtle rhythmic motion expressed in your body, and considered a vital expression of health

Cranial osteopaths engage with the tide, listening to the body, following and releasing  strain patterns

Though invisible to the eye, the tide is experienced as a powerful surge revealing a dynamic world of flows, relationships, points of resistance and also avenues for freedom

No force is used. Cranial oriented osteopaths work with your body using no more than intention to guide your system to healthy balance 

Cranial Osteopathic Biomechanics

Working biomechanically, osteopaths direct the tide to harmonize the mechanical forces acting on your body and optimize your structure

The involuntary motion or tide was discovered by the osteopath W G Sutherland while studying the mechanics of the cranium

Though an excellent way of working with the head, the tide is expressed globally, making cranial osteopathy suitable for treating the whole body

Dr Sutherland soon realized this and went to develop a more inclusive approach known today as the biodynamic craniosacral model

Biodynamic Cranial Osteopathy

The bio (life) dynamic (motion) approach is a natural evolution from biomechanics which acknowledges that the body is a self-organizing energy field

The practitioner establishes a deep, empathic connection, using only intention to free your system

Rather than impose a treatment direction biodynamic cranial osteopaths follow an inherent treatment plan, allowing priorities to emerge naturally to facilitate healing at the deepest level

Distance Craniosacral

Cranial osteopaths famously do “nothing”: cranial osteopathy is, indeed, an intention based therapy and closer energy healing than body therapy in the normal sense

Hands-on or off intention is in the mind. And what we know of this greatest of mysteries conforms to quantum rather than classical mechanics

In the quantum world entangled particles mirror each other’s behaviour – instantly and across any distance, great or small, defying all our notions of time and distance

Distance work is not new. We can hypothesize the possibility of establishing such a resonance between yourself and the practitioner, in the realm of consciousness, and independent of distance

What is the tide? What is its purpose? Does it have an objective reality? We can hypothesize, but the short answer is we don’t know

Hypotheses aside a distance craniosacral session follows exactly the same course as hands-on

It’s a mystery, certainly. But then cranial osteopathy remains very much a mystery

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