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a holistic mind-body programme to resolve your pain now and keep you healthy in the future



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Movement For The Modern Age

From chronic mental stress to physical immobility and overuse the programme helps you address some of the most pressing health challenges of the 21st century 

With a total focus on your needs and goals, the 121 programme integrates yoga, physical therapy and craniosacral healing to help you

  • down-regulate an overstimulated nervous system to soothe stress, inflammation and pain
  • condition and free your body for optimal pain-free function

A full structural, functional and internal health assessment is the basis for a personalized programme to get you naturally back to balance

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Contact me now for your free 30 minute initial assessment to see how the programme can help you on your path to wellbeing

Physical Therapy:

addresses the body-mechanic with simple, targeted exercises providing a strong foundation for healthy function 


a mindfulness-based movement practice to free your mind and body from stress and tension

Through guided gentle movements and breath you explore and fine-tune your physical and mental attitudes to support optimal wellbeing

Cranio-Sacral Healing

employs deep, empathic listening for detecting and resolving dysfunction

The therapist follows and directs the intelligence within your body which we call health to guide you to optimal balance 

Simplicity Is The Key

Armed with a specific diagnosis we can set up a holistic programme which is simple, effective and above all enjoyable

How Can The Programme Help Me?

By optimizing your structure and reducing mental stress the programme’s activities help you manage and resolve

  • strains & sprains anywhere in your body
  • sports’ injuries
  • back pain and sciatica
  • neck pain, migraine & headache
  • pain and stiffness from joint wear
  • muscular tension, stiffness and poor posture
  • elevated blood pressure
  • anxiety & insomnia, and much more …

Session Times

  • Assessment – 30 mins
  • Sessions -1h 15mins
  • time – by appointment

Contact me for your free initial screening and assessment


  • Initial assessment – FREE OF CHARGE
  • X 1 session – £40 (GBP)
  • x 2 sessions – £70 (GBP)
yoga and physical therapy




Payments are managed by PayPal. PayPal accept all major debit & credit cards and you don’t need to have a PayPal account

To pay with a card simply choose the grey “check out” button in the shopping cart, then enter your details

Online classes are run on Zoom

You’ll need to sign up with Zoom and download their free app. Signing up takes just a couple of minutes

To Book A Session

Please contact me to request an appointment


You can pay for your session online with a debit or credit card, or by direct banking transfer (BACS). Contact me for my A/C details

Some Of Your Questions Answered

Are the activities suitable for me as a beginner?

Certainly. Yoga can be easy or demanding, gentle or strong, depending on your abilities, your needs, and also your preferences

A major theme in yoga is right effort: yoga takes the middle path using a gentle but sustained level of effort which absolutely anyone can do. This fortifies your body without creating tension or strain

There is evidence that the majority of body twisting poses are modern, dating back to late 19th and early 20th century and are likely of European origin

I don’t discount the possibility of the poses having been transmitted orally within India. But the evidence is not much in favour…

Can I join a group class instead?

When you are in pain 1 to 1 offers you the best in safety and effectiveness

Working with pain requires adequate examination, diagnosis and a targeted treatment plan that respects your symptoms and supports healing and repair

When you’ve worked through the pain a group class is a great environment for continuing to improve your physical and mental resilience

Group size is kept to 4 max so you get a top level of support

Could yoga aggravate my pain ?

Though nothing is 100% risk free, studies have consistently shown yoga to be extremely safe, and associated with very few adverse effects

When experiencing pain working under the guidance of a qualified therapist is imperative

One-2-one we can set up your programme so you can work effectively, safely within your limits and at your own pace

What's stress got to do with it?

Stress is one of the top predictors for injury

Perceiving something as stressful stimulates a flight-flight cascade to up-regulate your blood pressure, inflammation, pain sensitivity and many other vital functions

A healthy response is for your body to return to a baseline of rest and repair

Persistent arousal maintains inflammation with consequences ranging from blood vessel damage to tissue injury, anxiety and fatigue

Yoga helps you better cope with stressful events to reduce arousal, calm anxiety to let your body rest, reset and repair

How does yoga differ from physical therapy?

There is much overlap between the two. In general

Physical therapy works to improve mechanical function such as muscle tone, stability, mobility and alignment for your fitness and wellbeing

Yoga is a mindfulness-based body therapy with a focus on mind-body connectivity and stress reduction for your physical and mental health

Working together yoga and physical therapy embrace the mind-body spectrum to provide you with a sound base for healthy function


What is mindfulness?

The role of the mind is to think. The mind will not be emptied. But it can be filled. This is mindfulness, which at its simplest means just paying attention

Yoga practice invites you to pay attention. Just at as you do when you’re driving, or reading, or enjoying a beautiful view

All effort in yoga, mental and physical, is gentle. This is key to avoiding tension

Paying attention shows you how you use your body and provides a platform for learning new movement habits that’ll keep you mobile, strong and pain free

Will I find yoga hard if I'm not very flexible?

Not at all. Yoga is about balance. 

Many limb-mangling, upside-down, inside-out postures are conspicuously absent from ancient texts, with many scholars dating these to the 19th & 20th centuries

If your body is stiff you’ll benefit from improving your mobility

If you’re naturally supple balance may come from developing muscular tone for support

Yoga is about you, what you want to achieve, and how you want to practice

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