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Resolve Pain – For Good

Why can injuries appear for seemingly trivial reasons? And why do the sometimes recur?

Indeed, the best predictor of injury is a history of injury. That’s because the causes of pain not only predate but can also outlive a painful episode

Together we can uncover the forces underlying your symptoms and apply specific solutions to resolve the pain now and maintain healthy function in the future

The holistic programme brings together mindfulness, movement, yoga and physical therapy to 

  • strengthen, stabilize and free your body … (more)
  • optimize your movement to support healthy function … (more)
  • manage stress and tension to soothe inflammation and pain … (more)

and provide the best structural, functional and psychological environment for you to enjoy maximum health

How Can You Benefit?

The programme brings together all the benefits of osteopathy and yoga to help you with a wide array of mechanical, internal and mental-emotional issues. Examples include

  • any strain or sprain
  • back & neck pain
  • sciatica & other trapped nerve
  • frozen shoulder from injury
  • migraine & headache
  • blood pressure
  • anxiety & insomnia, and much more …

Get Your Free Assessment

Get your free 30 minute assessment, obligation-free, to see how the programme can help you on your path to health

Contact me now to arrange a live online meeting 

In Person

Following a break due to the Covid19 crisis I am planning to return to in-person practice in the UK and Spain in the latter part of the summer

On Line

Meanwhile you can continue to enjoy all the benefits of osteopathy and yoga online

Programme Details


deals with your mechanical functions to strengthen, mobilize, stabilize and condition your structure

Optimal function, however, requires you to take a further step …


Expressed in your structure, movement lives in your nervous system in the form of motor programmes laid down through practice and experience

By engaging brain areas involved in motor learning, moving mindfully is key to establishing programmes that are conducive to health

Mindful movement brings you into your body, releases tension and allows you to move with lightness, purpose and grace 


Stress Reduction

Did you know that psychological stress is as strong a predictor of back pain as physical strain?

Among other mechanisms, research shows that stress increases inflammation, making it a major factor in your physical as well as mental health

Tools for helping you reduce stress include yoga, mindfulness, breath work and guided relaxation


More than a product of functioning parts, health is a vital expression of being alive

Rather than focus on problems, craniosacral healing works with the health inherent in your system to allow it to permeate every aspect of your being

Session Times

  • Assessment – 30 mins
  • Sessions -1h 15mins
  • time – by appointment

Contact me for your free screening and assessment


  • Assessment – FREE OF CHARGE
  • X 1 session – £40 (GBP)
  • x 2 sessions – £70 (GBP)
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Online classes are run on Zoom

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