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Yoga For Back And Neck Pain

mindful exercise for a healthy spine

prevent injury, back pain, neck pain, migraine & more



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Healthy Structure

Together with cardiovascular fitness a healthy structure is one of the top factors for enjoying a long, healthy and pain free life

Embracing exercise, functional movement and body mindfulness this mind – body yoga programme will strengthen and free your back to keep you healthy and pain free

Group size is limited to 4 to give you max attention and support

Who can benefit?

Just about everyone. A healthy structure reduces strain and tension and impacts positively on your mood, energy and whole wellbeing. The classes are especially apt to help you to manage

  • any recurrent or persistent injury
  • mechanical back & neck pain
  • pain & stiffness from joint wear & tear
  • migraine, tension headache and more …

Pre-Assessment Is Essential

Contact me now for your free assessment to tailor the class activities to your needs

yoga and mindfulness for neck and back pain

manage & prevent

back & neck pain

headache & migraine

recurrent injury

& lots more …

Yoga For Back & Neck Pain


Programme Details

Yoga As Exercise

incorporates the key mechanical factors of strength, mobility and stability which set the structural foundation for healthy function

Yoga As Mindful Movement

Function is expressed as movement. Though apparent in the body, movements are housed in the brain as a collection of motor programmes

Exercise alone will not change fundamental movement patterns.  To improve your movements you’ll need to engage the brain areas involved in motor learning. You can achieve this through consciously guided (mindful) movement


Embracing gentle exercise with mindful movement yoga gives you all the tools you need to condition your structure, optimize your movement and enjoy full and radiant health

Contact me now for your free assessment to tailor the class activities to your needs


  • Saturdays 10:30 – 11:45 (UK Time)
  • Platform: Zoom

In Person

  • (London) dates to be confirmed


  • Assessment – FREE
  • Single drop-in – £12 (GBP)
  • x4 classes = £32 (GBP)


  • All levels from beginners up

Group Size

  • 4 max
yoga for back and neck pain

Yoga For Back & Neck


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When buying a block of classes you’ll be allocated a place on 4 consecutive weeks from your chosen start date, subject to availability. You can change all dates up to 24 hours before your class

Bookings are valid for 3 calendar months from the purchase date


Online classes are run on Zoom. You’ll need to download the free app

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