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Online Yoga Classes

Yoga For Musculo-Skeletal Health

Together with stress, a sedentary lifestyle is one of the top predictors for back pain and injury and a leading cause of ill health world wide

Using gentle exercise, movement, breath and mindful attention, yoga is a proven way to condition your body, resolve pain and reduce stress for optimal wellbeing

Saturdays 10:30-11:30 GMT

Assessment: Free 
Single drop-in: £15 GBP
x4 classes: £40 GBP

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Online Yoga
For Your Back, For Your Fitness, For Your Health

Get into shape, free yourself from stress and tension and enjoy greater health and vitality 

A healthy structure is fundamental for a healthy mind and body

How Will I Benefit?

These small classes of 6 max. participants allow your to practice the vital elements of posture, movement, breathing and mindfulness in ways that are natural and maximally beneficial for you

With a top level of individual attention and support you can develop a tailored personal practice to help you with

  • back and neck pain
  • joint and muscle stiffness
  • stress and tension
  • poor sleep
  • brain fog and fatigue
  • and lots more

Person Centered Yoga

We take a functional approach to yoga, setting a clear purpose for each exercise and assessing its effectiveness according to the internal feel over and above its outward appearance

Working with this inner alignment you’ll practice within your own safe limits while reaching beyond your perceived limitations intelligently and effectively

Are The Classes Suitable For Me?

The classes are suitable for you whatever your level of experience, from absolute beginners to seasoned yogi. You’re encouraged to listen to your body, practicing in ways that are right for you

There may be times when practising yoga in a group is not the best environment to support your wellbeing, such as when you are

  • experiencing acute pain or
  • your health status requires a more tailored approach

To assess the suitability of the classes to your needs Manuel offers a free-of-charge initial assessment

Initial Assessment

Before booking your class please contact Manuel for a preliminary chat and / or live online assessment. It’s free of charge and obligation free!


Saturdays 10:30-11:30 GMT*

* Greenwhich Mean Time

Class Fees

assessment: FREE
single drop-in: £15 GBP
x4 classes: £40 GBP

(valid for 6 weeks)


Have any questions?

Click the button to see some frequently asked questions. Or use the contact form to ask a question or request a face-to-face chat

Book Your Class

Book A Session

To book your class either

1- contact me to arrange an initial assessment and book available dates: use the contact form or phone/message me on

Tel +44 7532671343 / WhatsApp +44 7735448588


Check the availability and make your reservation below 

Ways To Pay

Where possible, please pay by direct banking transfer (BACS). I’ll share my A/C details with you at the time of book your appointment

Alternatively you can pay for your class with a debit or credit card, or PayPal account if you have one, using the facility below

Online sessions are run on Zoom

Zoom is free to use. Just sign up, download the Zoom Client, and you’re good to go

You’ll receive a meeting link for your booked session by email or messaging app of your choice. Click the link – and you’re in!

Classes are recorded for your continued personal practice.Please don’t share the recordings without the explicit consent from everyone in the group

Online Yoga: Pay For Your Class(es)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are just a few of the most commonly asked questions about yoga and what it can do for you

If you have any question about the programme, style of yoga or my approach, experience and qualifications, please ask away. I’ll be more than glad to clarify your doubts so you can make a fully informed choice and get the best out of the programme

Are the activities suitable for me as a beginner?

Certainly. Yoga can be easy or demanding, gentle or strong, depending on your abilities, your needs, and also your preferences

A major theme in yoga is right effort: yoga takes the middle path using a gentle but sustained level of effort which absolutely anyone can do. This fortifies your body without creating tension or strain

How Will Manuel Assess Me?


As a registered osteopath Manuel is qualified to assess your overall health and structural status and give you the go ahead to join the online yoga or offer you alternatives

The assessment follows a protocol of

  • current and past medical history
  • ranges of motion of all major body segments
  • functional tests for primary movement patterning
  • Sometimes ancillary tests are needed to complete the assessment. Where these cannot be carried out online Manuel will refer you with a letter to your GP or other suitably qualified qualified practitioner

Assessment is done live online and is free of charge

Could doing yoga aggravate my pain?

Though nothing is 100% risk free, studies have consistently shown yoga to be extremely safe

Yoga has a very low risk of adverse effects, with serious reactions being extremely rare

However, if you are currently experiencing pain please contact Manuel for advice before signing up

How does feeling stressed impact my health?

Stress is one of the top predictors for injury

Perceiving something as stressful stimulates a flight-flight cascade to up-regulate your blood pressure, inflammation, pain sensitivity and many other vital functions

A healthy response is for your body to return to a baseline of rest and repair

Persistent arousal maintains inflammation with consequences ranging from blood vessel damage to tissue injury, anxiety and fatigue

Yoga helps you better cope with stressful events to reduce arousal, calm anxiety to let your body rest, reset and repair

How does yoga differ from physical therapy?

While there is some overlap between the two it’s important to appreciate some fundamental differences:

Physical therapy works to improve mechanical function such as muscle tone, stability, mobility and alignment for your fitness and wellbeing

Tough also concerned with your structure, yoga is a mindfulness-based body therapy with a focus on mind-body connectivity and stress reduction for your physical and mental health

Working together yoga and physical therapy embrace the mind-body spectrum to provide you with a sound base for healthy function

What are mindfulness and meditation?

The role of the mind is to think. The mind will not be emptied. But it can be filled. This is mindfulness, which at its simplest means just paying attention

Yoga practice invites you to pay attention. Just at as you do when you’re driving, or reading, or enjoying a beautiful view

All effort in yoga, mental and physical, is gentle. This is key to avoiding tension

Paying attention shows you how you use your body and provides a platform for learning new movement habits that’ll keep you mobile, strong and pain free

Is yoga for me if I'm not very flexible?

Absolutely! Yoga is about balance.

If your body is stiff you’ll benefit from improving your mobility

If you’re naturally supple balance will come from developing muscular tone for support

Yoga is about you, what you want to achieve, and how you want to practice

The small-group classes offer you a unique opportunity to work with your imbalances and achieve harmony

Should I consider a private yoga class instead?

Group classes are a great way to get fit, stay healthy and work with issues like stress reduction or elevated blood pressure. Pain, however, needs special consideration

When you are actively in pain private yoga classes offer you the best in safety and effectiveness

Working with pain requires a thorough examination, diagnosis and a targeted treatment plan that respects your symptoms and supports healing and repair

Once you’ve worked through the pain a group yoga class is a great environment for continuing to improve your physical and mental resilience and prevent its recurrence

Group classes are kept to 6 people max so you still get a top level of support

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