Registered Osteopath

– José Manuel Ponce

Healthy Structure

healthy function

osteopathy supports all your systems for optimal health …

Healthy Body

healthy mind

Yoga for back care, fitness, health & happiness …




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I will be available for hands-on treatment in London from 22 Feb 2022

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Lavender Heal
189 Lavender Hill, London SW11 5TB
Tel +44 7735 448588

1:1 Online

You can continue to enjoy osteopathic care online with a tailored 1-to-1 programme to target the imbalances causing your symptoms and get you back to healthy function

Online Classes

And to maintain healthy balance join me for therapeutic yoga class. We work in groups of four so we can focus on what’s really important to you

Your Virtual Home Visit

This 1 on 1 online programme addresses your unique problems with bespoke solutions

Following a detailed assessment and diagnosis we’ll set up specific goals to support healing and improve function using appropriate tools, including

  • functional movement coaching
  • therapeutic exercise 
  • yoga & stress management
  • craniosacral healing

How Can The Programme Help Me?

Osteopathy and yoga together work with your structure to help you in many areas of health, including cardiovascular, digestive and mental wellbeing – they can even help you with back pain!

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yoga for back care

Micro Groups

To maintain healthy balance join me for a small group class

Groups of 4 for max. support. Suitable for all levels from beginners up

Current Topics

  • yoga for back care
  • calming hatha yoga
  • yoga immersives

Classes & Workshops

Yoga For Back Care


SAT 10:30AM

A healthy structure is the foundation for optimal  wellbeing. Strengthen and free your body and enjoy radiant health

Bring your aches & pains, and don’t forget to leave without them  …

Calming Hatha


SUN 10:30AM

Primed to sense danger your brain keeps you ready to fight or fly. Yet life is sweet when you feel safe

Safety lets you rest, recover, replenish and repair

Resting is not doing nothing, and doing nothing is not always restful. Learn to rest – actively …

Yoga Immersives


Dates TBA

Dive deeper into the yoga experience. These stand-alone workshops will help you delve into specialist areas to give depth and direction to your regular practice. Forthcoming topics include

  • functional stability v. core strength
  • relaxing for strength and tone


helping you enjoy healthy balance since 1989. Manuel is a member of the General Osteopathic Council


a system of healthcare emphasizing the importance of healthy structure for your wellbeing


a mind-body practice for bringing harmony, health and happiness into your life

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Lavender Heal 
189 Lavender Hill
London, SW11 5TB UK

Spanish Yoga Retreat 
C/ De Mingo Ramos 22
10200 Trujillo (Ca) Spain

Tel +44 7735448588


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