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– Joseph Manuel Ponce

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Cranial Osteopathy

London-Based Cranial Oriented Osteopath


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back pain – sciatica – neck pain – headache – migraine – joint pain – sports’ injury – poor circulation – digestive complaints – respiratory complaints – stress – tension – sleep and more …

Structural & Cranial Osteopath

Manuel is a UK registered osteopath in practice since 1989, and yoga instructor since 1980, with clinics in

The Light Centre
151-153 Clapham High Street
London SW4 7SS

East Of Eden
Studio 1, 14 Hatherley Mews
London E17 4QP

London Schedule

I am currently practising in London. My June 2024 schedule is

Mon - Clapham
Tue - OFF
Wed - Walthamstow
Thu - Clapham
Fri - Clapham
Sat - Clapham
Sun - Walthamstow


You can book your appointment on-line: click the link below and follow the prompts

or contact me directly on

Tel / WhatsApp / Signal 07735448588

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Get Notified

I divide my working schedule between practicing hands-on in London and running wellness yoga retreats in Spain

To secure the most convenient time-slots opt-in (and out) of getting advance notification of my London dates via email or WhatsApp. Click the link 

cranial osteopathy and yoga class

Online 1-to-1 Craniosacral & Yoga

Your virtual home visit:

A comprehensive assessment to find the root causes of your symptoms provides a personalized programme to get you back to health

Guided mindful movement and yoga deliver a gentle but powerful stimulus to

  • assist healing and repair
  • resolve your pain and
  • return you to optimal function

With its view of the body as a self-organizing dynamic energy field distance craniosacral healing frees your body’s inherent tendency to health

Classes & Retreats

And to maintain healthy balance join us for a therapeutic yoga class online

We work in groups of four so you get maximum supervision and support and we can focus on what really matters to you

craniosacral yoga

Yoga For Backs


A healthy structure is the foundation for optimal  wellbeing. Strengthen and free your body and enjoy radiant health

Bring your aches & pains, and don’t forget to leave without them  …

craniosacral yoga

Yoga For Stress


Primed to sense dager your brain keeps you ready to fight or fly. Yet life is sweet when you feel safe

Safety lets you rest, recover, replenish and repair

yoga retreats in spain

Spanish Yoga Retreats

Visit us in Extremadura, and discover Spain’s least populous and one of its most natural regions

Unwind and reset with a nurturing week of movement, rest, great food and a warm Spanish welcome

Book An Appointment

You  can now book your appointment online. Click on the relevant location, choose your date and time, and enter your details as prompted

You can also request an appointment by contacting me directly on

Tel 07532 671343
WhatsApp / Signal 07735448588


Please give 48h notice when changing or cancelling your appointment

Appointments cancelled at less than 24h notice are chargeable at the full rate unless we are able to fill your appointment


I am away from the London practice until 11th June

For immediate attention please request an online consultation

Or contact my Colleague Michael Frances at The Light Centre, Clapham on
Tel 020 77207722

Online Bookings

You can book all in-person and remote appointments online. Click the relevant tab and follow the prompts


In full time practice since 1989, Manuel  works with people of all ages, integrating structural & cranial osteopathy with acupuncture, yoga & movement therapies


Ranging from light touch to hands-off energy healing this delicate approach  engages your inherent capacity for health to restore optimal function

Being so gentle, cranial osteopathy is especially apt for babies & children, and when your body needs a delicate touch, such as during pregnancy  …

YOGA – Mind Body Synergy

Meaning union, yoga uses posture, movement, breath and mindfulness to integrate mind-body and bring harmony, health and happiness into your life …

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The Light Centre
151-153 Clapham Hight Street
London SW4 7SS
Appt's +44 7532671343


East Of Eden
Studio 1, 14 Hatherley Mews
London E17 4QP
Appt's +44 7532671343


C/ De Mingo Ramos 22
10200 Trujillo (Ca)