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– José Manuel Ponce

Cranial Osteopath

supporting your wellbeing since 1989

a healthy structure is the foundation for health


is the essence of wellbeing

yoga for your body, your mind & your being





Registered Cranial Osteopath

Manuel is a UK registered cranial osteopath in practice since 1989, and yoga instructor since 1980

He combines classical & cranial osteopathy with yoga to strengthen and relax your whole system, and support your full potential for health and happiness

Osteopathy and yoga work synergistically to provide a healthy structure for all your vital functions to work optimally

Studies show that structural and cranial osteopathy and yoga can benefit your

  • back & neck pain
  • arthritis related pain & stiffness
  • healing from an injury
  • migraine & headaches
  • breathing, cardiovascular & digestive health
  • anxiety, depression & difficulty with sleep
  • mental prowess & memory
  • and much more


Manuel has clinics in London UK and Trujillo Spain offering hands-on structural and cranial osteopathy, yoga and movement coaching as well as hands-free craniosacral healing

He also runs therapeutic holidays and retreats in Spain, combining yoga and mindfulness with activities such as hiking in the glorious Spanish countryside

In Person

Manuel runs clinics in London UK and Trujillo Spain offering hands-on treatments, yoga and movement coaching and hands-off craniosacral healing

Hands-on sessions can include any combination of cranial-osteopathic healing, joint and soft tissue manipulation, therapeutic exercise, yoga and other mindful movement therapies

Check Manuel’s current schedule here

Cranial Osteopathy & Yoga Online

Your virtual home visit

A comprehensive assessment to establish the causes of your symptoms gives us the basis for a personalized programme to get you back to health

Guided yoga and mindful movement deliver a gentle but powerful stimulus to

  • assist healing and repair
  • resolve your pain and
  • return you to optimal function

With its view of the body as a self-organizing dynamic energy field distance craniosacral adds another level, providing a vital connection to your natural propensity for optimal health

cranial osteopathy and yoga class
craniosacral yoga

Online – Micro Groups 

And to maintain healthy balance join us for therapeutic yoga class.

We work in groups of four so you get maximum supervision and support and we can focus on what really matters to you

I am currently running hour long classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings with a focus on

Current Topics

  • yoga for back & neck care
  • yoga to rest and restore 
  • half-day yoga immersives on a variety of topics 

Classes & Workshops

yoga and cranial osteopathy class

Yoga For Back Care


SAT 10:30AM

A healthy structure is the foundation for optimal  wellbeing. Strengthen and free your body and enjoy radiant health

Bring your aches & pains, and don’t forget to leave without them  …


Calming Hatha


SUN 10:30AM

Primed to sense danger your brain keeps you ready to fight or fly. Yet life is sweet when you feel safe

Safety lets you rest, recover, replenish and repair

Resting is not doing nothing, and doing nothing is not always restful. Learn to rest – the active way 

restful yoga class

Yoga Immersives


Dates TBA

Dive deeper into the yoga experience. These stand-alone workshops will help you delve into specialist areas to give depth and direction to your regular practice. Forthcoming topics include

  • functional stability v. core strength
  • relaxing for strength and tone


Osteo (bone) Pathy (sympathy) is a system of healthcare emphasizing the need for a healthy structure in the proper maintenance of your wellbeing

The primary focus of osteopathy is facilitating the free flow of information through the nerves connecting the brain & spinal cord with your vital organs to maintain optimal health


Cranial osteopathy deals with a rhythmic wave-like motion originally found in the cranium, but in fact a feature of the whole body. Considered a vital expression of health, cranial osteopaths interact with this breath of life to guide your whole system to healthy balance

José Manuel Ponce is a cranial oriented osteopath working hands-on and at a distance to free your inherent health potential 


Meaning union, yoga is a mind-body practice for bringing harmony, health and happiness into your life

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