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Online Yoga Class

To Rest & Replenish

hit your reset button to heal your mind & body





Online Yoga Classes

To Rest & Reset

Primed to sense danger your brain is ever ready to freeze, fight or fly to keep you from harm. But life is sweet when you feel safe

Hit Your Reset Button

Long term, arousal drives up blood pressure and inflammation while dampening immunity and contributing to maladies from heart disease to anxiety disorder

Safety is your reset button, normalizing all your bodily functions, driving healing and repair and letting you enjoy physical and mental wellbeing

Rest & Digest

Resetting The Vagus Nerve

The most extensive nerve in the body, the vagus  messages safety to all your organs to calm your heart and breathing, stimulate digestion, drive down inflammation and let your body heal

How Will I Benefit?

Through gentle yoga exercise, breath-work and guided imagery and relaxation you’ll reduce arousal, with benefits including

  • down-regulating inflammation to reduce tissue damage and ease pain
  • relieving irritable bowel and generally improving digestive health
  • lowering blood pressure
  • calming stress and anxiety
  • clearing mental fog
  • managing migraine, improving sleep and a whole lot more …

Live Online Assessment

Free Of charge & Obligation-Free

To tailor the classes to your needs please contact Manuel for a live online chat and assessment before starting your class

online yoga class to reset the vagus nerve

Online Yoga Classes Schedule

Rest & Reset The Vagus Nerve

  • Sundays 10:30 – 11:45 GMT*
  • Platform: Zoom

*GMT= Greenwhich Mean Time


  • Assessment – FREE
  • Single drop-in – £12 (GBP)
  • x4 classes = £32 (GBP)


  • all levels from beginners up

Group Size

We keep groups to 6 max. so you get all the support you need to make your practice specific, safe and beneficial

Online Yoga Programme

Rest & Restore

The classes follow a functional approach to hatha yoga. This is a gentle form which avoids practising “correctly” in favour of practising correctly for you

You will explore ways to engage with your body to regulate the breath, calm the mind, awaken dormant muscles, release tension and find your inner quiet place to enjoy greater health and happiness


Activities include

  • natural yoga postures (asana) and movement (vinyasa)
  • exercises to de-stress your breath 
  • active relaxation at rest and in motion
  • yogic “sleep” (nidra) and other guided meditations

Frequently Asked

Click to open the tabs below for more info on yoga and the vagus nerve

What does the vagus nerve do?

The most extensive nerve in the body, the vagus  is a multi-function nerve distributing positive emotional states to all your organs, from your heart and lungs to your digestive tube to regulate and reset their activities

Rest And Digest

The vagus is active when you feel safe, helping your body to replenish its resources and gather its strength, ready for the next emergency

The vagus mediates parasympathetic activity to slow breathing and heart and bring down blood pressure while increasing food absorption, transit and evacuation in your gut

Down with Inflammation

The vagus is strongly involved in down-regulating inflammation – a defensive mechanism – and up-regulating immune function to help reduce tissue damage, moderate pain and keep you healthy

Emotional Regulation

The vagus lets your organs talk to your brain, relaying hunger, satiety and all those gut feelings that let you feel and regulate emotion

Caring And Sharing

The vagus is also a factor in social engagement. Safety provides that warm sense of connectedness that lets you socialize, share a meal, listen to stories and build friendships

How Does Yoga Reset The Vagus Nerve?

When you feel safe the vagus nerves shares the good news with your body

By helping you to occupy your body, both inside (interoception) and out (proprioception), yoga anchors you to the here and now and helps you shift from fearing threat to enjoying safety

Activities that help activate safety include

  • Breath regulation
  • Listening to inner body signals (interoception), such as your heart beat, breathing and gut feelings
  • Sensing your body in space in relation to gravity (exteroception / proprioception) through postures and movement
  • Practicing active relaxation
  • Creative visualization and meditation

Check with Manuel that it is safe for you practice yoga before joining a class


Where is the vagus?

The vagus is a paired cranial nerve exiting the brainstem withing the cranium just above the neck

Anatomically the vagus is closely related to the

  • head-neck junction at the back of the neck
  • muscles of facial expression, eye movement and head turning
  • muscles of speech, chewing and swallowing

In addition to the aforementioned, yoga pays close attention to these areas to relax chronic tension and open your sensory windows to let in the beauty and wonder of the world

online yoga class

Online Yoga Class:
Rest & Restore

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When buying a block of classes you’ll be allocated a place on 4 consecutive weeks from your chosen start date, subject to availability. You can change all dates up to 24 hours before your class

Bookings are valid for 6 weeks from your first class


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