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Yoga For Vagus Nerve Activation
Online Classes To Rest & Replenish

The body’s main anti-stress mechanism, the vagus nerve mediates all rest and digest responses to help your mind and body rest and repair

Practicing yoga is a powerful way to activate your vagus nerve to calm stress and anxiety, soothe your aches and pains and reset all your body’s vital functions.

Through mindful postures, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques, you’ll be able to stimulate your vagus nerve and unlock its full healing potential

Hit Your Reset Button
Safety, Yoga And The Vagus Nerve

Primed to sense danger your brain is ever ready to freeze, fight or fly. But life is sweet when you feel safe

While essential for survival, stress raises your blood pressure, drives up inflammation and dampens immunity leading to consequences from heart disease to anxiety

Safety is your reset button. Feeling safe stimulates the vagus nerve to calm all your bodily functions, support healing and repair and allow you to enjoy greater physical and mental wellbeing

yoga vagus nerve: online yoga class to rest and replenish

Sundays 10:30-11:30 GMT

Assessment: Free 
Single drop-in: £15 GBP
x4 classes: £40 GBP

Rest And Recharge
The Vagus Nerve And Yoga

The vagus is the main nerve responsible for rest-and-digest responses in your body

Vagal activity calms your heart and breathing, enhances digestion and resets all your vital functions, allowing your mind and body to rest and recharge. But rest isn’t doing nothing

Rest is a positive mental state of relaxed alertness associated with a felt sense of safety

How Will I Benefit?

Through movement, breath, guided imagery, and other yoga practices you’ll activate vagus nerve pathways to free your mind and body from tension and enjoy tranquility and greater health 

With a top level of individual attention and support in small groups of 6 you can develop a personal practice to help you

  • ease stiffness and pain
  • regulate your blood pressure
  • soothe irritable bowel & other digestive issues
  • calm stress and tension
  • improve your sleep
  • boost your memory and brain power
  • increase your energy, and much more …

Small Group Classes
Yoga For Vagus Nerve Health

These small classes of 6 max. participants will help you harness the restorative power of the vagus nerve using yoga to let go of tension and guide your system from stress to rest

We take a functional approach to yoga, paying due attention to how the activities feel to you rather than just their outward appearance

Connecting with this inner alignment you can work within your own safe limits, while also reaching intelligently beyond your perceived limitations

We make special special use of

  • movement and gravity to help you relax chronic tension and awaken muscular patterns supportive of good movement
  • explore the role of breath in emotional regulation
  • use guided visualizations and mindfulness to connect with your innermost resources

    Are The Classes Suitable For Me?

    The classes are in principle suitable for everyone, from absolute beginners to seasoned yogis. The emphasis is on listening to your mind and body so you practice and grow in ways that are natural and beneficial for you


      Sundays 10:30-11:30 GMT*

      * Greenwhich Mean Time

      Class Fees

      assessment: FREE
      single drop-in: £15
      x4 classes: £40

      (valid for 6 weeks)


      To check adapt the classes to your needs contact me for an obligation-free initial chat or live online assessment. The initial assessment is free of charge

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      To book your class either

      1- contact me to arrange an initial assessment and book available dates: use the contact form or phone/message me on

      Tel +44 7532671343 / WhatsApp +44 7735448588


      Check the availability and make your reservation below – you can book up to 2 places for yourself and a friend on any date, subject to availability

      Ways To Pay

      Where possible, please pay by direct banking transfer (BACS). I’ll share my A/C details with you at the time of book your appointment

      Alternatively you can pay for your class with a debit or credit card, or PayPal account if you have one, using the facility below

      Online sessions are run on Zoom

      Zoom is free to use. Just sign up, download the Zoom Client, and you’re good to go

      You’ll receive a meeting link for your booked session by email or messaging app of your choice. Click the link – and you’re in!

      Classes are recorded for your continued personal practice.Please don’t share the recordings without the explicit consent from everyone in the group

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      Yoga & Vagus Nerve Stimulation

      Yoga postures that stretch or compress parts of the neck and abdomen are said to physically stimulate the vagus nerve 

      Though the jury is out on the significance – and duration – of such effects there is abundant evidence that yoga decreases arousal and stimulates rest-and-digest responses mediated through the Vagus 

      Browse the sections below to see how yoga breathing, movement, posture and mindfulness will help you harness the healing power of the Vagus Nerve


      How does stress impact my health?

      Stress is one of the top predictors for injury

      Perceiving something as stressful stimulates a flight-flight cascade to up-regulate your blood pressure, inflammation, pain sensitivity and many other vital functions

      A healthy response is for your body to return to a baseline of rest and repair

      Persistent arousal maintains inflammation with consequences ranging from blood vessel damage to tissue injury, anxiety and fatigue

      Yoga helps you better cope with stressful events, activating the vagus nerve to reduce arousal, calm anxiety to let your body rest, reset and repair

      Click the link for more in-depth information on the vagus nerve, stress and inflammation


      How does the Vagus Nerve improve my wellbeing?

      An important part of the rest-and-digest parasympathetic nervous system, the vagus is the longest and most extensive of the 12 cranial nerves

      The vagus connects your brain to every major organ system, controlling autonomic activities such as heart rate, breathing and digestion

      The vagus nerve is 80% sensory, keeping your brain informed of the moment to moment conditions in your vital organs. The vagus is the main pathway of the so-call gut brain axis, a system for regulating not just digestion, but also your mood, immune responses, and other functions vital for life

      As danger activates the fight-flight stress response, the Vagus is activated by a felt sense of safety

      Yoga and mindfulness have been found to activate the vagus nerve, helping you access its calming and healing powers and restoring balance to your whole mind and body.

      How Does Yoga Stimulate The Vagus Nerve

      There is plentiful and sound evidence that yoga and mindful-movement therapies activate the vagus

      Though exercises that stimulate parts of the abdomen and neck may directly influence the vagus, the jury is out on how significant – and lasting – these effects are

      On the other hand, physical – and mental – stillness can activate the vagus

      Research shows that holding a comfortable pose for four to five minutes produces effects linked to increased vagal activity

      Yoga brings you into intimate contact with your physical self, allowing your body to be nourished without any expectation of achievement

      It is through the holistic practice of posture, movement, regulated breath and mindful attention that you can unlock the door to health and happiness

      Mindful yoga breathing for the Vagus Nerve

      Yoga has traditionally used the breath to calm the mind and achieve stillness

      Pranayama, or “control of vital air” is a key component of yoga practice: a number of different breathing techniques are used for developing physical and mental stillness

      Slow mindful breathing, especially techniques which use the diaphragm, have been shown to reset your nervous system and activate the vagus nerve

      Practicing mindful diaphragmatic breathing will help you activate the parasympathetic, rest and digest response, with a decrease in heart rate, blood pressure and heart-rate-variability, all factors used to measure vagal activity

      Mindfulness meditation for Vagal activation

      The role of the mind is to think. The mind will not be emptied. But it can be filled. This is mindfulness, which means filling the mind with one thought – or basically paying attention

      Yoga practice invites you to pay attention in in the same way you do when driving, reading, or enjoying a beautiful view. There is minimal effort and much enjoyment

      All effort in yoga, mental and physical, is gentle. This is key to avoiding tension

      Paying attention shows you how you think and how you use your body, providing a platform for new thought and movement habits that’ll keep healthy, pain free and resilient

      Finding safety through guided visualization & relaxation

      Where mindfulness keeps your attention in the here and now, guided meditation uses visualization and stories to help you connect with the subcoscious world of implicit attitudes, and also creativity

      Yoga nidra (the sleep of the yogi) is one such method of reaching the deepest state of relaxation while still remaining “conscious”

      Yoga nidra is a powerful vagal activator, providing your mind and body with nurturing rest, peace and healing

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