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On Line Yoga Classes

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Enjoy The Benefits Of Online Yoga Classes

No more traipsing through crowds, getting stuck in traffic, or braving the weather just to get to your relaxing yoga class. With an online yoga class you just get home, tune in and relax

Stay active and benefit from all the fantastic ways yoga can support your physical and mental wellbeing from the comfort of home

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just starting your yoga journey, with personalized instruction from a professional osteopath & yoga teacher, in small groups of 6 you can enjoy a tailored practice 100% dedicated to your personal needs and objectives

yoga for a healthy spine
yoga to relax & de-stress
By appointment
By appointment
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Find Your Perfect Class

Your journey to wellbeing is unique to you. Whether your goal is stress reduction, back support, managing an ailment or getting and staying fit – find the best online yoga class for your needs

Join a more active class to support your structure, or a deeply calming class to soothe your mind and body

Or practice yoga one-on-one to precisely target the causes of your your pain and other symptoms before moving on to a group class

Explore the different options and see what best serves your needs. Or contact me for an obligation-free chat

Start your journey today!

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Online Yoga Classes

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced yogi, online yoga classes are a fantastic way to enjoy all the benefits of yoga and connect with other people while enjoying the peace and tranquility of home

With active and restful classes in small groups of 6, and private individual classes, you can enjoy all the support and supervision you need to develop a personal practice that’s uniquely suited to you

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Yoga To Rest & DeStress

Primed to sense danger your brain keeps you ready to fight or fly. But life is sweet when you feel safe

Safety lets you rest, repair and replenish

Sun 10:30 – 11:30 GMT

craniosacral yoga

Yoga For A Healthy Spine

A healthy structure is the foundation for optimal  wellbeing. Strengthen and free your body and enjoy radiant health

Bring your aches & pains, and don’t forget to leave without them  …

Sat 10:30 – 11:30 GMT

cranial osteopathy and yoga class

1-on-1 Yoga For All Your Needs

Get 100% support for a practice that’s uniquely yours

Resolve pain, manage a specific ailment and develop a yoga practice specifically tailored to your needs and goals

By Appointment

Group Classes

Single Drop-In: £15
x4 Classes: £40

Private Class

x1 session: £45
x2 sessions: £80


Registered osteopath & yoga teacher, Manuel Ponce has been practising and teaching yoga since 1980 and has dedicated his professional career to studying and applying the power of yoga as a therapeutic tool to enhance your whole wellbeing

Yoga For All

Whether you’re young or older, fit or out of shape, healthy or managing some health issues, get the support to adapt yoga to your needs and objectives

The classes embrace all levels of experience from total beginners to seasoned yogis

Yoga On Zoom

All our yoga classes are broadcast live online on Zoom

Zoom is simple to use and totally free. Just download the app, sign up and you’re good to go

You’ll get a link and password for your booked classes by email or messaging app of your choosing. Click the link – and that’s it!

A strong, stable internet connection is essential for a smooth running session. Unplug any other devices that share your connection to free up more bandwidth for yourself

You can join the meeting up to 15 minutes before the scheduled class time: you’ll go into a virtual waiting room where you can enjoy a bit of breathing space get into the “yoga zone”, mentally and physically, and have time to resolve any technical issues that may arise

Classes are recorded for your continued practice. Recordings are available for up to 48 hours from the end of the class and are downloadable for your personal use. Please don’t share class recordings with anybody outside the group without everyone’s explicit consent



Recommended Equipment for Your Sessions

We make light use of formal props in the sessions. However, a few essentials can make your yoga experience more comfortable  and effective

A yoga mat is a great non-slip surface for standing work, and gives you cushioning when lying down. A cord or belt is great for stretching in certain poses. A 2-300 page paper-back book will align your head and neck when recumbent. And I never do yoga indoors without a dining chair handy

Clothing? Anything loose and lightweight or elasticated that lets you to move freely

yoga health benefits for back and neck pain

How Will I Benefit From Practicing Yoga?

From reducing pain from chronic ailments such as arthritis and lower back pain to increasing muscle strength, improving mobility, flexibility and balance, and reducing stress, incorporating yoga into your daily routine can seriously improve your health

Regular yoga practice has been shown by science to improve

  • pain and stiffness from osteo-arthritis
  • back & neck pain
  • headache & migraine
  • fibromyalgia
  • irritable bowel and other digestive issues
  • high blood pressure
  • raised cholesterol
  • stress, anxiety and depression
  • and much more …

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